5 Best Home Gym Equipment 2020 | How to stay away from the Gym?

best home gym equipment 2020

The workout is not a luxury that you can stop it. Our bodies need to exercise regularly to fully perform their functions and can cope with infection and various diseases. However, If you are athletic but you do not have time to go to the gym, you still have to take care of your body and maintain your strength and fitness. There are many workouts at home without any equipment that you can do,  however, these exercises alone may not be sufficient to raise the level of performance and intensity in your exercise in the long run. Thus, what is the best fitness equipment? here is the best home gym equipment 2020 to keep you away from the gym.

The importance of home fitness equipment

As the topic is the best home gym equipment in 2020. One of the best things you can do for your body is doing workout using the best fitness equipment. However, many people did not want to go to the gym out of personal concerns like embarrassment, or the lack of time. in addition to that some gym memberships too expensive.

Therefore, using your home gym equipment become more convenient in some cases. As you will have everything available. You do not have to drive your car to the fitness center, but you can exercise in complete privacy in your home.

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How to choose the best home fitness equipment 2020?

a man confused on best fitness equipment

When deciding to buy fitness equipment in your home, you should consider several things first. For example, determining your needs for this device. Is it burning calories or stimulating heart health? Increasing body flexibility or professionally building muscle?

Also, the space of the home available for fitness equipment is considered an important factor to consider. Moreover, the amount of money that you set for this purpose must also be considered to choose between different brands. It is also important to read the reviews of others about those devices, including advantages and disadvantages.


What is the best home gym equipment 2020?

best home fitness 2020

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1- Fitness Mata women workout at fitness mat

The workout place is the most important. When you do different exercises on the floor of a regular home or carpet, injuries and strain can occur to the muscles of the back, neck, and feet.

There are different shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. Furthermore, by using only a fitness mat, you can practice a variety of exercises, such as Abdominal exercises, push-ups, plank exercise, yoga, pilates exercises Stretching. You can buy a fitness mat from sports equipment stores such as amazon.

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2- Dumbbells

dumbbell set home gym equipment

dumbbells are the best home gym equipment in 2020 that you can use to strengthen your muscles, biceps, and triceps. If you want to focus on these areas, you must have more than one with different lightweights.

We recommend that you acquire weights from 2-5 kilograms. They are available in sports stores includes many colors and beautiful shapes.

Buying a new pair of dumbbells whenever you want to increase the weight may not be a practical way. Thus we advise you to buy dumbbells whose weights change according to the required training.

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3-Pull Up Bar

a man workout with pul up bar - home gym equipmentA sports bar provides you with the opportunity to perform multiple types of exercise to strengthen the arms, chest, and shoulders easily while you are at home.

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The bar is very important after the dumbbells to get a complete workout schedule. Some people think that the bar only comes in one size and shape, but there are many specialty types that you may encounter in gyms.

The Standard Bar is the most popular and best seller.

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4-Jump Rope

a man doing jump rope

Rope Jump is one of the best and cheapest sports you can practice at home. It is one of the best home gym equipment 2020 and in the open air.

The rope jump sport burns a large number of calories and prevents the accumulation of fat in the body. Also. it tightens the muscles of the back and abdomen.

The practice of this sport for fifteen minutes is sufficient to burn 200 calories, which is equivalent to an hour of walking and half an hour of running.

Furthermore, Jump rope sport keeps you from going to the gym to get a slim, tight body and free of accumulated fat.

It is cheap to own a rope to start immediately anywhere and anytime you want.

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5-Exercise Ball best home fitness equipment 2020

All home gyms need an exercise ball, as the exercise ball provides more stability in exercise. It is used to balance and gain basic strength and yoga, and it also comes with an anti-explosion feature to ensure many comfortable uses. Besides, you can quickly inflate it with the accompanying hand pump to her.

Thus, the exercise ball must be there in your home gym as it considered one of the best fitness equipment.

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