7 Ways to Achieve High Metabolic Rate

High Metabolic Rate

Metabolism is the chemical engine that keeps you alive, and the speed at which it works varies from person to person. For example, people with a slow metabolism tend to have more calories left, which is stored in the fat form. People with a fast metabolism burn more calories, and there is less chance of fat accumulation. This article helps you learn about metabolism, how you can accelerate your metabolic process, and achieve a High Metabolic Rate to burn more calories.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism refers to all the chemical processes in your body to keep you alive and to make your organs work normally. Such as breathing, cell repair, and food digestion. It is part of the metabolism process in which food and drink are converted into energy.

That energy benefits the body through a complex set of chemical reactions that occur continuously and repeatedly. The higher the metabolic rate, the more calories your body needs.

Metabolism is why some people eat a lot without gaining weight. While others seem to need less accumulated fat.

The speed of your metabolism is known as metabolism. It means the number of calories they burn in a given time period.

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Why do metabolic rates vary from person to person?

Some people are born with a metabolism faster than others, so metabolic rates vary by person and even among infants, and may be due to genetics, age, environment, and behavior. These are the factors that affect the metabolic rate:

  • Age: The older you are, the slower your metabolic rate, which is one of the reasons people tend to be overweight as they age.
  • Muscle mass: The more your muscle mass, the more calories you burn.
  • Body size: The larger you are, the more you are.
  • Environmental temperature: When the body gets cold, it needs to burn more calories to prevent the body from overheating.
  • Physical activity: All body movements require calories, the more you work, the more calories you burn. Activities such as walking.
  • Hormone disorders: Reduced thyroid activity slows the rate of metabolism and increases the risk of overweight.

metabolic rates

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How can you accelerate your metabolism?

Weight loss is not just about taking fewer calories, there are simple ways to get a high metabolism rate :

1- Higher activities supply a higher metabolic rate

Body activities for high metabolic rate

The more active you are, the higher the metabolic rate, such as standing regularly, walking, or doing household chores, all make a significant long-term difference, even activities that seem unimportant like writing may increase the metabolic rate by 8% compared to doing nothing.

Studies indicated that individuals suffering from obesity or excess weight are due to a lack of movement.

2- Adequate protein intake is necessary

Eating enough protein is necessary if you want to build or maintain muscle mass. But the protein has other important traits, all food leads to a temporary increase in the metabolic rate known as the thermal effect. However, this effect is much stronger after protein is taken than carbohydrates or fat.

In fact, protein may increase metabolic rate by 20-30%, while carbohydrates and fats cause an increase of 3-10% or less, and high protein intake helps to counteract muscle mass loss and associated metabolic rate of weight loss.

3- Drink a Sufficient Amount of Water

Drinking water increases the number of calories burned. However, drinking cold water has a greater effect than warm water because it requires your body to warm up to the temperature of the body.

Increasing your water consumption is also useful for your waist, as many studies have shown that taking 1 to 1.5 liters of water a day can lead to a significant loss of weight over time. You can also maximize these benefits by drinking water before meals because it makes you feel full and reduces calories.

Drink alot of water to get high metabolic rate

4- Caffeine drinks speed up metabolism

Studies have revealed that beverages containing caffeine such as coffee and tea can temporarily accelerate metabolism by 3-11 %, as well as weight loss.

5- Exercise

The workout is recommended regularly for those who want to lose weight or improve health. However, strength exercises help accelerate metabolism and boost muscle mass growth.

The amount of muscles that you have is directly related to the metabolic rate. Unlike fat mass, the muscle mass increases significantly the number of calories you burn at rest.

Furthermore, a study shows that carrying out strength exercises for 11 minutes per day, three times a week results in a 7.4% increase in metabolism within half a year. Also, burn 125 more calories per day.

Aging is generally associated with muscle loss and lower metabolic rate, but regular strength exercises can partly counterattack this harmful effect.

women workout

6-Do Not Starve Yourself

Eating less is a major way of losing weight. Nevertheless reducing food often results in a bad way in the long run. This due to that limiting calories causes a decrease in metabolic rate.
Studies conducted on people with extreme obesity suggest that the response to hunger may significantly reduce the number of calories burned. Which decreases the metabolic rate to 504 calories per day.

7- Good Sleep Increases Your Metabolic Rates

Not getting enough sleep is not only good for your general health. But it may also slow the metabolic rate and increase the risk of overweight.

One study showed that metabolism decreased by 2.6 % in healthy adults’ sleep for only four hours per night for five days in a row. Furthermore, sleep shortage associated with increasing the risk of overweight and obesity.

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